Thinking of filling up that void on your walls? Canvas prints are the perfect way to brighten up a dull and empty space. Placing stylish art in your home means adding personality to your home. It is visually appealing for the eyes and adds that extra touch of excitement when walking into a room.

Get That Panoramic Shot

Panorama shots are one of the most visually aesthetic forms of viewing art and photographs. The type of prints suitable for panoramic displays include landscape shots, nature, cityscape views, as well as classic family photos. It offers a good focal point to any space and tells a visual story with several prints put together. The colours and tones should say something about your personality and what you really see as valuable art. These displays can be placed in living rooms as a statement piece that brings the X factor to your home. Bedrooms are also a good place to play with styling elements and can be placed directly opposite to the bed or above the bed head.

To Frame Or Not To Frame

Framed prints are a classic element that adds sophistication to your home. Frames bring that traditional look and add a formal tone compared to unframed artwork on your walls. Frames are quite affordable and help the pieces stand out by adding depth. You can choose the colour of the frame to complement the tone of the room. Some of the options include oak wood, classic white, sleek black or metallic silver and gold which you can use to colour code your displays. Hallways are a great place to start and you can further explore study spaces to increase the elegance. Bathrooms and living rooms are also great spaces to frame your modern art. You can have a singular large print as the main subject and smaller frames around it as complementary group of artworks.

Creative Collages

Collage prints can turn out to be a fun creative project for those who love being artistic. You can choose a theme or go with the flow and see what elements you can piece together. Whether it is a few of your favourite things that you want to show off as your personality or a collection of family and friends photos, they are both perfect for a wall display. Involving your children in a fun DIY project would be the perfect weekend activity. You can make them contribute to the art with personalised pieces of them in the photos along with customised phrases to go with it. There are a million options to choose from for a cool layout. Just make sure the size of your collage prints is proportionate to the room so it doesn’t dominate the space. The ideal places for displaying your fun collage prints include the bedrooms as the personal space or entryways for guests to be wowed as well as dining areas.

Gallery Wrapped Style

Canvas prints that involve gallery wrapped edges are in definitely on trend. This style allows your artwork to flow across the edges of the canvas block rather than being cut off like in a traditional print. The style of your home will directly influence the style of the prints you decide to use. Whether it is inspired by the Hamptons, industrial, or classic modern, they all deserve a gallery of interesting artwork to be displayed. These wrapped prints can be placed across your kitchen spaces, living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas with a different theme suited to that space.


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