Pantone’s colours of the year for 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, being a yellow accent. Fresh and fun is the perfect way to describe this pair. According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, the enduring Ultimate Grey with the vibrant yellow accent expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude.

This is Vault’s year! Our branding colours are yellow and grey and we have always taken pride in these unique complementary shades. We love using these colours in our styling projects to display a hint of Vault fun. You can incorporate these colours into your home styling in several ways. We share some of our favourite tips to help you decide on how you can add a dash of colour to your living space.

The Living Room

A living room is the room that everyone has access to. This is where you spend the most time with your family or where hosting your guests is most comfortable. You can turn it up a notch and make a bold statement with the grey and yellow hues. As Pantone would suggest these colours show off an essence of unity and mutual support. You can add them into your cushions and layer them across your couch whilst playing around with shapes, sizes and patterns. Floor rugs are a great way to make a strong appearance but not overwhelm a room. Vases on coffee tables help with the charm of a space and there are a million choices to choose from. If you are feeling experimental you can even splash on some colour to the walls or have a single feature wall that uses the sunny yellow shade. This will help brighten up the mood of the room and make it a showstopper!

Cooking Space

The kitchen is another very important space for any household. Splashback tiles are a fun way to weave some colour into your cooking space. A dark grey background will offer a modern sleek appearance. You can even include yellow tones in your kitchen appliances to complement each other. Water jugs, bowls, kettles, toasters, you name it! Decorative styling has become a popular trend in the kitchen. For example, you can place cookbooks, prism planters and wooden spoons along your kitchen bench, all in the name of colouring up the space.

Bedtime Retreat

Your bedroom can turn into the ultimate style driven comfort space. Try using soft yellow bedside table lamps as a statement décor piece. The bedding can be the hero of the bedroom with both grey and yellow fitted sheets and quilt sets layered on top of each other with a few pillows. Having a soft touch grey floor rug will provide a calm element around your bed. If you have a study desk in the corner, adding simple accessories such as pen holders, paper weights and notebooks allow for the perfect practical décor items.


Outdoor Sanctuary

The Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Pantone colours work well independently but are a great combination to add a sophisticated style to your space. Your backyard is a common area often used for entertaining, which makes it a prime space to add in some stylish décor. Outdoor furniture plays a huge part in creating the look of a backyard. Couches in the rock-solid colour complemented with a brighter warm tone for the side chairs is a good way to join the shades together. Pots for your plants can be another way to use Pantone colours creatively and alternate between grey and yellow across the garden. Even better, grow some yellow coloured flowers to incorporate nature into your styling.



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