Styling small spaces can prove to be a challenge when there is not much room to work with. The Vaultsters have got your back! We understand that space is not a luxury in every home, and that’s why we are sharing our styling hacks that can help you utilise all your rooms and awkward corners to the max. Let’s begin reinventing your home!

Decorate Your Walls

Your walls are a blank canvas when it comes to using them for interior design and stylish décor. Utilising colour is a smart way to make the room feel more spacious with wall colours such as white, beige and other light colours. Once your walls are all set you can adorn them with statement art pieces. Placing a large-scale art piece in a smaller space is a useful trick to make it feel bigger than it is. It expands the vistas of the room and allows for greater depth with a canvas painting drawing you inside.

Design An Illusion

Creating illusions are a timeless trick to enhancing small spaces. There are several innovative hacks to start building character in your homes. Mirrors are a great for tricking the eye into believing there is more space. Placing mirrors on the wall, propped on a mantel or even placed on shelving can help make any room feel larger as naked eye sees the reflection. Low seating also helps create an illusion of higher ceilings, by choosing a couch that sits closer to the ground you reduce the amount of space taken up vertically and make your room feel more airy. Another great trick is curtains! Choose sheer curtains in a lighter colour, as they can help not only transform the feel of the room but also create a sense of space.

Maximise Storage

Storage is the ultimate way to build on your living spaces and make the most out of small corners. Wall storage can be utilised with hooks and over the door hangers as it keeps it out of the way of the floor. You can also use small wall pockets or shelves to optimise hanging storage. Floor to ceiling shelving or cabinets can be an easy way to maximise space while creating an opportunity for styling your bare walls. Make sure all you furniture pieces are not just aesthetic but functional as well. Storage on wheels is an epic hack! Using items such as rollable bar carts help extend space, as they can be easily displayed or hidden away when needed.

Watch Your Placement

The placement of décor elements is everything! Avoid placing furniture up against walls as leaving space behind the piece can create an illusion of width. A plus side of this is avoiding damaging the walls or creating any marks. Instead of floor lamps look for wall or ceiling lighting to save the precious floor space. You can even install foldable table units to pack away once the purpose has been fulfilled for the day. Overall the one thing to remember is, the less things you have on the floor means the more space you have to move around!

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