The festive season is fast approaching, and so now’s the time to start preparing your home for it — even if it just means adding some Christmas-y scents to your space. The idea is just for you to get into the festive spirit, which might mean taking stock of the past year, feeling grateful for what you have and thinking of ways to share what you have.

“The key to successful festive decorating is to infuse your unique style while staying true to the spirit of the season,” says Justine Wilson, interior designer and stylist at Vault Interiors. “It’s a time to create memories and share joy with loved ones.”

Ahead, Wilson shares some of her most simple things you can do décor-wise at home that’ll help you get in the festive spirit. From bringing in fresh greenery and simmering potpourri to raiding your local thrift stores for antique ornaments, these are some ways to decorate this Christmas.

Embrace Nature

“Natural materials and textures can add a warm and inviting touch to your home,” says Wilson.

Incorporate natural elements into your Christmas décor, such as greenery picked from the garden or herbs grabbed at the supermarket, pinecones from select places in Australia or even a real Christmas tree if your space allows.

Stick to Monochrome

While this tip might not suit everyone, if you are going for a sophisticated festive look at home, stick to a monochromatic colour scheme, says Wilson.

Monochrome Christmas decorating ideas
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“Choose a single colour, such as silver, gold or even black, and decorate your space with ornaments, ribbons and lights in that one shade,” she says. “This approach can result in a sleek and stunning aesthetic.”

Add Antique Decorations

Vintage and antique ornaments are making a comeback, and fortunately, they’re easy and affordable to grab.

“Raid your local thrift stores or use family heirlooms to add a touch of nostalgia to your Christmas decorations,” says Wilson. “These unique pieces can add character and charm to your festive décor.”

Customise Decorations

Next, Wilson recommends adding a personal touch to your festive decorations by creating custom ornaments or using items that hold sentimental value. Personalised stockings, photo ornaments, or homemade crafts can make your décor more meaningful, she says.

Bring in Christmas-y Scents

“Consider incorporating scents of the season with scented candles, diffusers, or simmering potpourri on the stove,” she says. “Fragrances like cinnamon, pine, and vanilla can enhance the overall festive atmosphere.”

Christmas decorating ideas
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Layer Lighting

Experiment with different lighting options, says Wilson. “String lights, candles, and LED candles can all contribute to a cosy and festive ambience,” she says. “Layering different sources of light can create a magical effect in your home.”

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