We love experimenting with colours! The choice of colours used in a space are vital to interior design. Colour influences the mood, illusion of size and feel of any room. When it comes to choosing the right palette for your property, it is essential to know what feels right for you. It is always fun to try a handful of colour swatches on a mood board before you get cracking.  With our guide to the most popular colour schemes, you can embark on your creative journey right here. Colour away!

Warm VS Cool

Turn up the temperature! That is right you can choose colours that are part of the same temperature category. Adding warm shades or cool shades across your property always works well when it comes to styling. Warmer colours include orange, yellow, brown and create a harmonious balance together. Cooler colours such as blues and greens complement each other and create a natural feel. It is all about creating the right mood in your property which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and speaks to your soul. The next time you decide style your space you can consider how warm or cool you want an area to feel.



Playing with neutrals will always be a crowd winner. The calm tones of white, beige and cream create the ultimate family of colours to be placed in a property. These give a classic look to any space and leave a lasting impression with the peaceful atmosphere they bring to a room. Adding a few darker hues like grey, black or brown will add depth to your interior and offer sophistication. You can mix and match cushions with lighter coloured furniture pieces. The best thing about neutral bases is that they allow you to bring in pops of colour to a space without being too overpowering.

Complementary Shades

We love marrying all sorts of colours together! Baby pinks and blues are a go-to interior design trend and you can definitely have fun with them. Incorporating colours into lampshades, wall colours and statement pieces are a good place to start. Millennial pink and cool blue shades switch up the whole vibe of a space and can be the perfect choice for a grand living room. Yellows paired with greys offer a vibrant and trendy look. If you haven’t already realised, these are some of our favourite branding colours! A range of patterns on bedding and pillows with sunny yellow accents truly brighten up a dull bedroom.

Golds and Royals

A royal touch never hurt anyone. Regardless of the size of your space, it is easy to create a sleek and fancy abode. Royal blues, emerald greens and brassy gold tones offer the most extravagant look in a property. A gold lampshade will definitely kick up the style quotient in your hallways, living rooms, kitchen and even the bedroom. Royal blue velvet couches are at the top of the furniture game and a must have for any space to allow for regal atmosphere.


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