Designers and stylists alike await to hear what the annual Pantone colour of the year will be, and this year did not disappoint! This year the colour that has reigned supreme is, “Very Perry” which can only be described as is a bright, joyous violet/purple tone colour. The tone has hints of blue to it, but also a deep red base, and is what we would personally describe as a perfect rainbow purple.

This colour has been selected, according to Pantone’s website as a colour of hope and change, and is a brand-new custom colour, perhaps symbolic of the need we all have, to adapt and reinvent ourselves after two very hard years. It also considers the global movements we have seen recently, such as human rights issues, acceptance, environmental concerns, and a general need for us all to understand, accept, heal and the hopeful push for a new path forward.

For general interiors, bright tones have always been popular, and they can be used in both classic and contemporary style interiors. Bright colours can be used as colour accents, such as accessories, rugs, curtains, or cushions, or as a big bold element in a room, such as a feature wall or the full room being painted in that colour, or even key furniture that is either painted or upholstered in that colour. This is an interesting colour because even though it has a blue tone with a cool base, it still feels like a warm inviting and energetic colour thanks to its reddish hue, so it will work in any current interior design scheme you have, either as a contrast or to compliment your current theme.

You can also introduce this purple tone through florals, candles, books, throws or even through your own personal fashion choices. Playing with the colour of the year is a great way to refresh your interiors and inject new life into any space. 

If you are spiritually inclined, you may know that purple tones embody creativity, thoughts, feelings, and inventiveness. Purple is the colour of both the crown (violet) and third eye (indigo) chakras. Another reason why Pantone selected this as the colour of the year feels poetic. You can introduce this colour into your environment in many ways, and you may find that it helps you focus on your thoughts and creative outputs. Another subtle way to introduce the colour is through dried flowers such as lavender, candles, or purple crystals such as Amethyst, which are not only beautiful to look at but also are meant to awaken spiritually and heal the mind.

Overall Purple is a dynamic colour, and one that is sure to energise your home and mind, and thus the perfect choice for 2022, a year where we all need to feel uplifted and to start with a clean slate.

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