There are several interior styling tools that we like to utilise when the colder months are upon us. One way is using a throw to create a decorative look. A throw is one of the most aesthetic and functional pieces of design you could include in your homes. We share with you some trendy ways to style a throw and give your house a warm feeling this winter.

Comfort In The Bedroom

We love a good comfort throw in the bedroom. You can start by draping a soft fleece throw across the bed corner to create an effortless yet inviting look. This way it adds layers and doesn’t overpower the entire bed by being in a corner or at the edge of the frame. For a tidy and polished look, you can fold the throw neatly across the middle of the bed. Choosing contrasting colours and varying textures will really help enhance the main feature of the room which is the bed. Throws with tassels work wonders as you can place it over the edges and create a trendy look.

Living Room Relaxation

The living room is an essential shared space in the house which requires utmost comfort as a lot of time is spent there, whether it is to relax, read a book or watch TV. The best way to style a throw in this space is by adding it as a feature to your lounge. This can be placed on the cushion seat part for the family or guests to use when relaxing on the couch. Another option is to drape it over the top edge of the couch for homely appeal. The amount of warmth and comfort it brings into a living room is perfect for cuddling up in winter.

Furniture Fun

We love playing around with furniture items and dressing them up to add more depth in the house. Aside from cushions, throws can be arranged decoratively on an armchair. This will create the perfect reading nook or coffee corner on winter mornings and nights. You can turn it up a notch and make a classy statement with velvet style throws across an upholstered armchair with a glass side table next to it.

Sneaky Storage

A decorative basket in the corner of a room is very helpful when it comes to storing away items that are easily accessible for regular use. An effortless yet effective way of styling a throw is adding it to your basket of cushions and home décor items. You can easily place a knitted throw across the edge of the woven or wire basket and have the tassels hang over it. This basket can be next to your couch or your bed and be readily available for anyone who is need of a comfy throw for some relaxation time.


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