Who loves working from home? This new work lifestyle is something we all have needed to adapt to. The home office space is a very important room in your house. Making it trendy but productive is key to a good work space. There are a few styling hacks that help enhance the room and make it functional and aesthetic. We have some great ideas to make you working from home that much more fun, you won’t want to leave.


Shake It Up In Sections

It’s always good to categorise your items in a space. Have sections across your shelves and compartments for different things like your books, stationary, folders and important documents. You can label the shelves accordingly and make sure it is clearly visible. This helps decluttering your space which Marie Kondo would be very proud of. Also make sure all your electrical wires are neat and tidy behind your desk.

Comfort Is Prime

The office is a space where you would spend majority of the day focusing on important work thus comfort is essential. Comfortable ergonomic chairs with great back support are ideal for long hours of sitting and increase productivity as you won’t have to be uncomfortable in a simple chair. Make sure you also add some cushions for your back, seat cushions as well as a foot rest which works wonders. Go the extra mile and add some diffusers or candles to get it smelling fantastic to boost your mood while working.

Light Away

Light is crucial in a work environment especially if there is a lot of reading of books and looking at the computer. Floor lamps are a great option to keep near your desk as they provide a great amount of light if there are no windows and the room lights are dull. You can alternately choose smaller desk lamps to match your table and give a small amount of light when required on gloomy days. The new trend with mood lighting, neon lights and colours are definitely great to make it a fun place to work.

Decorate In Style

The décor of your home office is something that requires a lot of through. Keep it minimalist and classy but also add items that speak your personality. Choose the colours that you like and are calming to the eye when you are working, which can be included in your stationary or folders and notebooks. Personalise it with a family photo, picture of your pet or a motivational quote that will keep you hustling hard. Fairy lights and plants are very in style and can be added above the desk or around the room to make it a cosy space.


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