What does it mean to be chic? Elegant, stylish, and fashionable. These words perfectly sum up the world of chic interior design. Incorporating a chic touch into your homes makes your living spaces that much more exciting to live in. Chic presents itself in different ways – boho, shabby, rustic and vintage. There are a few things you can do to bring out the chic look that you desire and we are here to help you get started.

Become A Décor Guru

Décor speaks a thousand words. Carefully select pieces that create the ultra-chic vibe that you are going for. Stylish candleholders, fancy lampshades and geometric vases all complement a table well. These items can be placed around your kitchen, bedroom and living room with a corresponding theme. Mirrors in different shapes placed near your entrance hallway will welcome guests to your home in style. Clocks certainly can fall under the category of stylish décor. Whether it is a small table clock, or a large wall clock they are both functional and aesthetic. Eclectic modern art and abstract canvas prints display the chic style in all its glory. Artwork on walls can grab attention and add that X factor when walking into a home.


Furniture Fun

An essential aspect of any home is the furniture that is placed inside. Side tables in white and beige coloured accents offer a timeless moment while marble tables boost the style quotient of any room. They are easy to place in any corner of the space or blend in next to your couches. You can choose to go with glass chairs for a sleek modern presence or vintage white chairs for a classic homely ambience. Bookshelves are the go-to for styling living rooms. Not only can you line up your books, but you can keep several décor items evenly spaced apart across the shelves to create a feature wall.

Play With Patterns and Colours

Patterns and colours always produce a fun element in styling, proving to be a visual treat. Patterned cushions such as polka dots, lines and florals allow for layering textures together on your couch or your bed.  Bright coloured couches make a big statement and bring visual interest to your home. Some of the most popular colours have been royal blue, emerald green, millennial pink and white. Get playful with colours when trying to match your cushions to your couch.  You can even craft a vintage look with layered rugs in different colours, prints and patterns. A few of the chic colours include gold and red if you are going for an antique interior as well as cream monochrome accents that are commonly integrated in modern interior design.

Adorn Your Fabrics

There are countless fabric styles when it comes to decorating a home. Silk fabrics on your bedding bring a classy touch and create a sophisticated appearance for your bedroom. Curtains that use white gauze material brings out the light from your windows in a muted manner and offers a minimalist chic look. For your floors, soft touch mats or faux fur rugs form an elegant design with grey and white being some of the popular colour choices. Knitted throw blankets at the end of your bed frame or over your couches, wrap your place in class and provide great comfort at the same time.


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