Our Director, Justine Wilson shares her favourite season of the year’s tips and tricks to get on-trend in the home this autumn. From colour palettes to texture, patterns and adding some ambience, Justine provides solutions for every room in the home.

It is a time of year when there is the perfect mix of warm sun and cool breezes, coupled with the beautiful colours of the turning landscape. Autumn time always feels transitional, where we say goodbye to the long summer days and get ready to hibernate before winter. When it comes to interiors, autumn is the perfect time to embrace this transitional feeling – and use it as a time to reset, refresh, and prepare your abode for the cooler months.

Justine’s 2022 autumn styling tips to create a cosy feel:

Colour Palette: For me, autumn is about the earth and warm tones. I love to include colours such as rust, amber, mustard, brown, caramel, and deep greens in my interiors. In America they call autumn Fall, and this is poignant as it reflects the falling leaves of the season, which is a great source of visual inspiration for an autumn colour palette. You can introduce colour through a variety of ways, such as artwork, accessories, florals, and soft furnishings, the trick is to not overdo it, rather work in small accents throughout your home.

Texture: Autumn styling is all about layers, think heavy coverlets and blankets on your bed, snuggly throws on your sofa, lots of plush cushions and warm rugs underfoot. You can layer many textures together also, think of materials such as velvet, wool, cashmere and flannel and thick natural linens. By including these materials, you will create an inviting and cozy
feel in your space.

Pattern: This year I think we will see lots of patterns in autumn decoration trends, classics such as tweed and tartan will be back with force, especially as many embrace the cottage core aesthetic. Also, more classic patterns such as gingham and check patterns will make a comeback. I also think floral patterns will be popular, but unlike spring and summer, they will be more moody, muted colourways, in dark emeralds, navy tones, and warm rust tones. I also think the motifs will be more woodland in nature. leather will be popular too, think rich reds, deep browns and tan tones across furniture, pillows, and accessories.

Ambience: This time of year, is also about harvesting flowers, vegetables, and other produce before the snap of winter sets in. With this in mind, I like to decorate my interiors with a feeling of abundance, lots of pumpkins and root vegetables displayed in your kitchen. You can also bring the outside in with beautiful vases of greenery, the last bright blooms of the summer season, and pretty branches displayed simply in urns or vessels. This time of year is about feeling cosy and being prepared, so why not have your interiors overflowing with fresh produce displayed in pretty ways, think pears in a bowl, jars of nuts and herb cuttings displayed on your counters. Also, as the light fades, having pretty muted lighting can really help create an atmosphere, so use table and floor lamps and candles to create a cosy scene.

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