As a professional property stylist there are a few regular excuses I hear from homeowners, via their agents, as to why they don’t need their home styled for sale.

But, as you and I both know, styling a home for sale can have a significant impact on the number of interested buyers and the final sale price.

So, to help convert homeowners to understand the importance of presenting a property in the best possible light, I will provide you with effective responses you can use to help your vendors overcome their concerns.

1. It’s too expensive

You need to demonstrate the return on investment. It’s well known in the industry that a styled property versus an unstyled property can sell for more than 10 per cent higher and numerous studies have shown that staged properties also tend to sell faster. By investing in property styling, homeowners are likely to recoup the cost through a quicker sale and a higher sale price, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Response: “While property styling does involve an initial investment, it can significantly impact the final sale price of your property. Staged homes tend to attract more buyers and create a lasting impression, which often leads to quicker and more competitive offers. With a higher selling price, the return on investment for property styling is often well worth the initial cost.”

2. Our home is already beautiful: 

Many homeowners are so comfortable in their space that they truly believe their property is already stunning and it may well be. However, personal style and staging for a broader audience are two completely different things. Professional property styling aims to create a neutral and appealing space that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. Depersonalising the space and focusing on its best features can maximise its appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Response: “Your home is indeed beautiful, and that’s why we want to showcase its best features to a broader audience. Professional property styling isn’t about criticising your taste; it’s about creating a neutral canvas that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living here. By depersonalising the space and highlighting its key selling points, we can make your home more appealing to a diverse range of buyers.”

3. We can do it ourselves: Highlighting the expertise of professionals

Yes, we’ve all heard this one many times. Highlighting the expertise of professionals as well as taking the stress and time out of a DIY job is key. Professional stylists are just that, professionally trained and qualified, with an in-depth understanding of design principles, current market trends, and buyer preferences, enabling them to transform a property into a highly desirable space that stands out in a competitive market.

Response: “While we think you’ve got great taste, it can be very stressful and time consuming to get it right. Professional property stylists bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and an external take on how rooms can be laid out for maximum impact. They have a keen eye for design and know exactly how to highlight your property’s strengths. Their expertise in creating a universally appealing space can significantly impact the impression your home leaves on potential buyers, leading to a quicker and more successful sale.”

4. We’re in a hot market: Explaining the power of first impressions

Yes, the market is heating up and the spring selling season is on our doorstep, however first impressions are crucial whether it be the images they see online or at the first open inspection. Well-staged properties stand out even in a hot market, drawing more attention and generating greater interest among potential buyers.

Response: “Even in a hot market, first impressions matter. Buyers are more likely to remember a well-staged property and be emotionally drawn to it. By investing in property styling, we can make your home unforgettable and set it apart from other listings, increasing your chances of attracting serious buyers and achieving the best possible outcome.”

5. We’re in a rush to sell: Emphasising the speedy results of staging

The beauty of engaging a professional property stylist is that they work fast! We even have a full warehouse of stock ready to go with a turnaround from signing to delivery and installation within days of needed. You need to reassure then that it won’t delay the process, if anything it might help to speed things along and help the property to sell faster.

Response: “We understand your urgency to sell, and that’s why property styling is an ideal solution. Our expert stylists are adept at working swiftly to create a stunning presentation that will captivate potential buyers. By investing in staging, we can help speed up the selling process and increase the likelihood of receiving competitive offers.”

By addressing common excuses against property styling and highlighting the numerous benefits it offers, you can help homeowners understand the value of investing in professional staging.

A well-staged property not only attracts more buyers but also enhances its marketability, leading to a quicker and more successful sale.

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