Does your linen cupboard spark joy? Storage and organisation is a key factor when styling your home. Whether it is storage accessories inside your cupboard or linen folding skills, we promise that there is a way you can stylishly organise your cupboard. This not only satisfies the eye but also helps motivate families towards a clean living lifestyle. Start dominating the design and practicality of your storage spaces with our stylish organisation tips and tricks!

Categorise in 3, 2, 1

Organise items into groups by separating linens according to the space: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. For example, beach towels, kitchen towels, duvets, quilts and table runners can be placed in their respective sections. Keeping linen separate according to family members is also a great idea! Place your everyday items such as towels centred in your storage space to allow for easy access. Store lesser used items in higher or lower areas. Labelling sections of your cupboard accordingly is organisation at its peak! This makes it easier for the eye when yourself or especially other family members are looking for particular linen, without making a mess. It can also be a fun organisation activity for the kids, teaching them a great life skill in the process.

Storage Inside Storage

Storing your items conveniently will make a huge difference over time as you will be able to access them easily. Separate items in your cupboard by storing them in pull out baskets or collapsible fabric boxes and place shelf dividers in between them. Bedding can be kept in small baskets or hampers to easily take it out of your cupboard when needed. Folding your sheets in an organised pattern of thirds and quarters will also make your linen look straight out of a retail shelf. A fun storage hack can include stashing your sheets inside pillowcases to keep your bedding sets all in one place like a family. These mini storage zones inside your cupboards will make everything easy to find!

Colour It Up

It is so satisfying to see colours grouped together according to gradients and shades. You can separate bed sheets into colour themes to make it more organised and easier to find the shade of linen you are going for! Another method is to categorise the colours of fabrics according to the living space in the house so they are in their respective zones. Or if you want to go a step further, you can colour code your linen sheets and towels according to each family member. For example orange for Mum, navy for Dad and yellow for the little one.

It’s Time To Declutter

Decluttering is the best way to start fresh and remove those unused items piling up in the corners of your cupboards. Remove non-essential linen and only store the necessary items. Don’t try to fit too many things in the same cupboard if there is no space, you still need to be able to see your linen! If you don’t like throwing away your old towels or sheets, donating to charity boxes is a terrific opportunity for someone else to make use of them.


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