The kitchen is most certainly the heart of the home and in the current day living this is, even more, the case. The kitchen has become not only the place to prepare food but a place for dining, doing homework, working, socialising, entertaining, planning and dreaming. The options are limitless in the kitchen these days. 

Despite this, this important room is often the most neglected when it comes to styling and décor. Well, the kitchen will no longer be the poor cousin in the styling world on our watch! We’ve collated our top tips to help you bring back the glam in the kitchen.

Declutter and organise

The first place to start is to remove clutter and mess, and this may involve clearing out some cupboards to conceal the day-to-day items that can accumulate on the benchtop. If the kitchen is littered with clutter, then adding more objects, even stylish ones, will only serve to make the room feel more chaotic and ultimately less stylish. So, take a good look around, what can be thrown out, donated, or stored to give you a cleaner palate to start your styling?

Think function and style

Kitchens are a high function area as they get a lot of use, usually from the whole family, so adding items or accessories simply for the sake of it just won’t do. Use functional kitchen items to add style and elegance to the room, these may even be items you already own. 

For example, grouping together a mortar and pestle, some cookbooks and a lovely wooden chopping board looks effortlessly stylish and says ‘look how chic my home is’. Another option is to invest in a statement salt and pepper shaker set, ditch the old supermarket shakers and treat yourself to glamourous stainless steel or wooden shaker set. 

Storage canisters can also look gorgeous displayed on the benchtop if you have the space, a simple container holding pasta, or a lovely bread bin can add impact – again think of the items that you will actually use day-to-day and invest in something that you love to make your house feel like a home and bring you a little joy.


Add colour 

You can never go wrong by adding a pop of colour, especially if your kitchen has a monochromatic colour palate as most contemporary kitchens do. Again, implement this step with functional items that will add value to the room. 

A bowl of colourful fruit is perfect and useful, as is a vase of flowers or a bright green plant in a pretty pot. If you are an avid chef some cookware can look lovely on display too, like a colourful cast iron pot, some decorative plates or a cake stand.

Everyday objects with style 

As a rule, if you want a stylish kitchen you need to start with a stylish palate, and this means selecting tasteful day-to-day items for your kitchen. Your toaster and kettle can add great impact to a room with so many beautiful products on the market these days from chrome to rose gold. Your cookware, crockery, glassware and millinery can be objects with a style that accessorise your kitchen, they don’t have to be colourful, they can be monochromatic and add a chic touch with a purpose. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our kitchen tips for adding style, our mission is to banish boring and cluttered kitchens and restore the glory of this often overlooked but very important room in the home.

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