They say a change is as good as a holiday, right!? Well, a mini-makeover might be just the ticket to mix things up and refresh your home without breaking the bank. 

The Vaultsters are going to show you in a few simple steps how you can transform arguably, one of the most important rooms in the house, within just a couple of days.


Add a feature wall

A feature wall behind your bed is the perfect way to add a statement without making major changes to the room. There are many creative ways to do this from more complex undertakings like wallpaper to a coat of paint or even removable wall decals. If you are in a rental property wall decals would be a perfect option as they leave no damage to the paintwork and are easy to apply. These are also perfect for kids’ bedrooms. As they cycle through different interests you can change them over with minimal fuss.

Painting a feature wall behind your bed adds depth and interest to the room, and you don’t have to choose a bold colour to make a statement. Soft pinks, blues or greens or even a subtle taupe or grey paint can add impact too. 

If you are in a rental, then a large mirror above the bed or a pair of prints can create the same impact without the commitment. Or for an even simpler approach, a statement bedhead can add interest to a room, create a feature and you can take it with you when you leave. Rattan bed heads are very on-trend right now, or fabric or velvet can add a pop of colour and luxe look too.


Change your linen and soft furnishings

With so many beautiful linen options on the market now, it’s hard to resist having a new set of every week of the year! For a flexible palate go for all-white base linen – organic cotton or Belgian linen is perfect. An all-white base palate for your Manchester (doona cover, pillowcases and sheets) allows you to be far more flexible when accessorising. 

Add a throw to the end of the bed, some stunning European pillows and a couple of cushions to liven up the room. Layering different sized and textured cushions looks very sophisticated and intentional. The beauty of this approach is it is easily interchangeable for the seasons or the current trends. 

Have bright reds and pinks one day and cool blues the next – the options are endless. A lovely faux fur throw in winter looks very decadent on the end of the bed, whereas in summer you can have a light cotton or linen throw for decorative purposes or nothing at all. This option is a flexible and affordable way to transform a bedroom with no permanent changes to your décor.


Add new bedside lamps

Don’t underestimate the impact of stunning bedside lamps in your bedroom. These are not only functional, from a task lighting point of view but also set the mood and tone of the room with dimmer lighting. In a bedroom we want to create a sanctuary to relax and wind down from the day, dimmable lighting is essential to setting this tone. 

The lamps you select can also dictate the direction of the overall look of the room, think of them as the jewellery in the bedroom. Again, the options are limitless, from glam glass base lamps to traditional ceramic stately lamp bases to industrial brass or contemporary chrome. Lampshades can also be interchangeable for the season or trend of the moment. New bedside lamps can add a big impact to a bedroom and again leave no damage to the structure of the room.

These three simple tips can all be easily executed in just one weekend, or even a day if you really put your mind to it. Even one of these steps will add a significant impact to your boudoir, but for a real makeover try all three. 

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