Styling for the holidays is a favourite activity of mine. Instead of playing video games, going to the pub, or going to the movies like many do to unwind, I like to escape to a fantasy world by creating a magical feeling in my own home. Something about creating a holiday display brings me back to happy moments in my childhood, times of celebration and excitement, and I love to recreate that feeling for my friends and family in my adult years. 

Styling for the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just a few simple additions can really create a sense of occasion, and thus create something special. Dressing your home for the holidays will also transform your home so it’s ready to go for fun gatherings, or even just simple entertaining for your immediate family. Listed below are my top four tips which will help to style up your home for Easter.

1.) Seasonal wreaths: whether it’s Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas, a nice wreath at the door, or above a mantle can signify the change of seasons and create a welcoming feeling when guests enter your home. For Easter, I’m always drawn to lots of greenery, earthy and natural-looking wreaths with pastel tones. Wreaths with cute details such as eggs, bunnies, chicks, or flowers will definitely signify Easter is coming.

2.) Decorate a tree: Now most may think I’m crazy here but decorating a tree for every season is becoming popular in the styling world, especially with content creators on Instagram and Pinterest – and I’m here for it! Instead of decorating a tree traditionally only at Christmas, you can get use out of your artificial tree all year long! Style it accordingly for every season for a pretty visual statement and something unexpected and fun. For Easter, consider dressing the tree in ribbons, faux florals, hanging carrots, Easter egg ornaments, or cute bunnies. At night it will create a background twinkle and ambiance and having a decorated Easter tree is a great way to bring in the festive feeling.

3.) Tabletop décor: This is a great and simple way to add some Easter touches to your home, think cute ceramic bunnies, coloured eggs, and floral arrangements. Grouping all three together can create a magical Easter vignette. Create mini-scenes, if you have children or have children coming as guests, they delight in little visual stories. Display your Easter décor on hall tables, coffee tables, or mantles, it’s an easy way to spruce up your space and create a festive vibe.

4.) Easter tablescape: For any holiday, I love to set the table in a unique way. It surprises guests and is a great way to inject holiday styling into your home. It’s also a practical area to decorate, as we tend to gather with friends or family for a nice meal at Easter, so why not have a beautiful table to sit at? My suggestion is to start with a nice table runner, it can be faux grass for a fun look, or beautiful linen or a nice floral pattern. A table runner is a great base and creates a more formal look for your table setting. Then add a centerpiece, this could be as simple as seasonal floral in vases with some candles, or fun trinkets like Easter bunnies or Easter eggs. I think the key with any centerpiece display is to play with the height levels of your objects. If you can, have a variety of sized objects or vases in your arrangement – it’s sure to look intricate and fun.

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