Japandi is one of the biggest interior design trends of the year, so here’s everything you need to know about nailing the style.

When it comes to interior design trends, one of the most popular styles in Australian homes is undoubtedly Scandi-style. But now there’s a new interior trend on the block, and it’s set to be just as big as its predecessor. Here’s everything you need to know about the Japandi interiors trend.

Scandi-style is one of the most influential design styles in the world and is a key staple in the interiors repertoire, but it’s set to be rivalled by a newer and slightly different version of the trend. Named ‘Japandi’, this design trend is a fusion of Japanese interior design and the classic Scandi style, resulting in a dreamy blend of the two.

Interior designer and stylist Justine Wilson, the director of Vault Interiors, shares everything you need to know about Japandi style.


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