Picking the right rug for the rooms in your home can be daunting when you aren’t sure where to start. There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for you, we want to let you know our hot tips on how to pick the right rug for your room.

Look at the existing colour palette of your space.

Although it is important to find a rug that compliments your existing furniture, don’t be afraid of colour, especially if your space is neutral. Being bold with your rug choice not only creates a statement in the area but can also bring a super glam feel. Even if it isn’t your intention, the rug you choose could become the centre piece of your living space. Take photos of the space you’re trying to fill when you go on your rug hunt, this way you can visualise how the final product will turn out.

Don’t be afraid to go big or go home.

We can guarantee that in any area of your home a rug on the larger side would be the difference between creating harmony in your space, or not. Going bigger every time will be worth the extra expense! This makes your room feel bigger, boujeer, and bolder.

Be aware of the trends, don’t live by them.

Cow hides, jutes, pops of colour, these are all the rage right now! All are options that we can absolutely get behind. If you choose a cow hide for your area we recommend playing around with putting your cow hide on top of a thicker, neutral rug to create a unique layered edge. Searching for a rug that compliments your personality is important. If you’re looking to warm up your space, think layering and warm earthy tones. If you’re looking for a Spring change, choose lighter and brighter colours, or even a beautiful jute.

Be conscious of what the space is used for.

Is this a high traffic area? Do your pets roam here? Will food and drink likely be spilled on your rug? The answers to these questions will really help when it comes to choosing the material you want for your new rug. Avoid fluffy rugs around long-haired animals, you want to enjoy this new addition to your space – not spend hours cleaning it! The colours of your rugs can also be impacted by these questions, consider a darker tone underneath your dining table or your homes’ entrance zone if you are not willing to keep a bright white rug clean after dinners and dirty shoes.

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