Looking to put your home on the market in 2022? Getting the best result comes down to several things when selling, but presentation is at the top of the priority list! Here are our tips on getting the big bucks on auction day:

Create an aspirational living scenario

Property styling for sale is key to your listing standing out online. Driving competition amongst buyers drives your price up on auction day, so attracting buyers to your open homes through your online marketing is imperative.

Property styling can add big value by detracting from any imperfections the property may have, it will enhance the visual appeal overall, and properly done, target the right buyer demographic. Property styling will also add value by creating useable areas in dead or unused spaces, for example adding a study nook or creating an alfresco zone that wasn’t there before. These will then become valuable spaces in the home.

Remove furniture that detracts from the home’s potential

Part styling can be a great option if you have furniture in the home already. This is where a trained property stylist will work with your existing items, suggest storing any bulky or dated items that will detract from the home, and bring in key pieces to enhance the property’s appeal.

Improving the flow of the home, the circulation for buyers and having the right scale furniture make a big difference to presentation. For example, just making the bed in the correct way, having more compact key furniture, or adding the right colour accents to enhance the property’s best features are key to a successful result.

Take care of repairs and do touch ups

Painting, steam cleaning carpets and decluttering will help add value when it comes to selling your property. These minor refreshes will make big impact at your open homes. Improve your street appeal by tidying the gardens, repairing any fences, or guttering, adding a fresh coat of paint, and making sure to have a definitive pathway to the front door.

Remove personal items and tidy day-to-day items

Always remove overly personal items, photo frames and figurines which can make a property feel small and cramped and will distract buyers from focusing on the property itself and make it hard for them to visualise how they would live in the home. Conceal day-to-day items such as laundry, piles of paperwork, dishes, keys, and garbage or remove them completely from the property for open for inspections.

If you would like a quote on your home styling don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for the best advice on achieving top dollar for your property at auction.


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