The start of the new year is a great time to declutter and get your home refreshed and reorganised. Storage is always a hot commodity no matter how large your home is and if you can create more, you will not only add value but functionality too! 

Here are some easy and cost-effective ways to add extra storage to your home:

  1. Storage ottomans: these are very cost-effective and are a great multifunction furniture item. A storage ottoman can range from a small round or square one, which can also double as a footstool, to longer rectangular or large round shapes, which can be used at the end of a bed, as extra seating or as a coffee table. Storage ottomans are great for storing seasonal clothing or toys.
  2. Vertical storage: this is something that can be overlooked but can really increase your storage space. Examples of vertical storage include tall bookshelves, floating shelves or even just hanging hooks on the wall. Hooks are great for hanging jackets, umbrellas, or bags, especially near the home’s entrance. A nicely styled bookshelf can really tie a room together and is a great way to maximise your space and keep all your accessories and treasured mementos contained in one area
  3. Sofa beds, storage sofas or storage beds: a great way to add extra function and storage. This type of storage is again, functional because it is dual purpose, but also perfect to store bed linen or bulky items like pillows, doonas, or blankets. A storage sofa will convert your living room to a guest room instantly, and a storage bed will help store any general clutter such as boots, Christmas decorations or linen.
  4. Decorative baskets, boxes or tubs: the perfect way to organise and hide any loose clutter or messy items, such as electrical chargers, cords, paperwork or toys. They come in so many styles from wicker, fabric, metal or plastic that you will find something to suit your overall decor. For larger floor standing baskets, you can store extra throws or cushions, or even slide tubs under sofas or beds. For medium size boxes, arrange artfully on shelves. Smaller baskets are great on coffee tables to contain remotes, pens and coasters. Grouping items in one place will always eliminate visual mess. Many of the large department stores such as Target, Ikea and Kmart all have great affordable options.
  5. Closed storage furniture: items like sideboards, buffets, TV units or chests of drawers with drawers or cupboards mean you can contain any messy items neatly behind closed doors. These stand-alone furniture items are great as they can be moved from room to room as needed, and as your home evolves over time. You can also take them with you when and if you move and don’t need to be fixed to a wall, perfect for rental properties.
  6. Inbuilt storage: think pantries, wardrobes, cupboards or study zones. These can help you to keep all your items located in one central designated area. There are many cost-effective flat pack options at Ikea, Fantastic Furniture and Bunnings that are easy to assemble but will greatly increase your ability to store daily items and help you have a set zone for set items. Although this option is more permanent, their addition can really add value to your home if done well.

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