Somewhere over the rainbow… is a perfectly decorated home that knows how to make colour work! At Vault we detest boring design and truly value how bold colours can transform a space from basic to brilliant. We are colour experts and we want to share our tips for using contrasting yet complementing colours in design. Read on to find out all of our colourful secrets.


60/30/10 Rule

What is the 60/30/10 rule? We see it as the perfect formula for adding colours to any room. The idea is that 60% of room should be the most neutral shade, the secondary colour should cover 30% of the room and then the bold accent colour should show up in 10% of the room’s décor. For example, if 60% of the room was a creamy neutral tone, then 30% could be a cool blue and 10% could be pops of bright orange. Sounds fun to us!

Go Bold, Not Loud

When it comes to contrasting colours in the home, we know many of you may worry that you’re doing too much. This is not the case, that is if you go bold but not loud with your colour choices. For example, bright red and bright yellow colours might look a little too wild to contrast in your living room, and are definitely too harsh for a bedroom. However, if we switch those colours to crimson and mustard yellow the vibe completely changes. If you’re unsure whether your colour combo is too loud, try putting together a colour mood board and hanging it up in your hone to help you make your decision.

Texture Makes A Difference

Using various fabrics and textures is the best way to start experimenting with contrasting colours in your home. Texture truly does have an effect on how we see colour, mainly because of the way that colour absorbs and reflects light from different surfaces. Imagine an orange throw and blue cushions on your couch. These colours contrast, but the different textures mean that their inclusion in the room is subtle and won’t overwhelm the eye. A variety of textures and fabrics will help achieve a mellow vibe, regardless of how bright the colours you use are.

Our Favourite Colour Combos

Now that you have all the expert tips, it’s time to choose your contrasting colours and get decorating. Here are some of personal favourite combinations for you to use during your next room reno!

  • Deep shades of green and purple – for that royal touch
  • Coral and lilac – for a beachside vibe
  • Lavender and yellow – for country chic home
  • Blue and mustard yellow – perfect in modern spaces
  • Orange and olive – the best way to warm up a room
  • Purple and red – to make a bold statement
  • Pink and orange – for those who just want to have fun
  • Blue and green – two colours that have always been best friends


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