Whether you’re renovating to sell or simply to spruce up your abode, we’ve got the inside scoop on four design and décor trends expected to dominate in 2021.

If you spent the majority of 2020 cooped up inside, it’s little wonder you’re left craving nature and greenery. According to Place Paddington Director and Lead Agent, Andrew Degn, you’re not alone. He says increased remote work has seen buyers and sellers crave a quiet and peaceful lifestyle, complete with homegrown veggies and a dog.

If you don’t have space outside for a veggie patch or luxe garden, the good news is you can get on board this trend by scattering some (indoor-friendly) plants around the home in trendy pots. Homestolove.com.au predict plants such as mistletoe cactus, narrow leaf fig, elephant ear and chain of hearts will trend in the new year. Although it’s best to purchase plants that will thrive in your home’s lighting and climate.



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