Decorating Christmas trees is one activity that no one would want to miss. It gives your family an opportunity to bond over this activity during this festive season. There are a million options to make your holiday decorating fun with colour themes, baubles, wreathes, stockings and lights to incorporate as part of your Christmas theme. We share with you some of the best trends to make your Christmas tree the star of the show.

Pantone’s Colour Of The Year

Classic Blue has been named the Pantone Colour for 2020. Navy tones and shades of blue have played a major role in styling, and the interior design industry has really emphasised this point with furnishings, décor and paint. Navy is one of those shades that complements most other colour including white, silver, gold, blush and red. Hence why incorporating navy accents into your Christmas tree décor would be the perfect choice.

Buffalo Check Is Making A Comeback

The Buffalo Check plaid is popping up in several interior style trends, alongside featuring in the fashion industry. This style appears in the colours white and black or red and black which makes it absolutely gender neutral and perfect for any family. Adding baubles and little gift boxes with this pattern will make for the ultimate quirky Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to do something different!

Christmas Tree Skirts

Unusual Christmas tree skirts are a new trend. Everyone dresses up the top of their Christmas tree but forgets about the bottom. Tree skirts build the foundation and set up a spectacular look for your tree overall. Some of the things you can include as your tree skirt are corrugated paper, a knitted blanket, as well as an antique brass collar. Playing with textures and different materials for the base will surely make your tree a showstopper.

Flower Ornaments

Floral decorations have always been a popular choice for any event. They add the perfect balance between trendy and casual by bringing a festive look to your whole house. You can never go wrong with a touch of white blooms on your Christmas tree. If you decide to have a colour theme for your tree, you can even choose bright coloured flowers to pair with the rest of your ornaments. Native Australian flora has been a popular design trend and can offer a modern bohemian feel. Some of these botanical motifs could include proteas, banksia and eucalyptus which can all be added as your Christmas tree accessories.

Farmhouse Fun

The Farmhouse trend remains a strong contender for a spot in the top 5 most popular Christmas décor themes to go with. It brings back nostalgia of Christmas with rustic elements such as berries, natural woods, aged metals and plaid prints. The brown tones really bring out the festive look when paired with a red and green colour palette. You can even use brown paper wrapping on your gifts to elevate the look of your Christmas tree.

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