Why are Vaultsters so excited about vases at the moment? Well, it seems that everyone is finally jumping on the bandwagon and making the most of these versatile and useful styling pieces. If you’re looking to up the styling anti then have a read of our suggestions for the best vases to purchase right now!

Weird and Whacky Shapes

Everything’s better when it’s a little weird and whacky… vases included! Treat your vase purchase like an art purchase because that’s exactly what it is. At the moment we’re really loving ceramic and glass vases in every silhouette under the sun. You can find vases in the shapes of shells and animals, or vases that twist and turn and look perfect on bookshelves. Be creative!

Tinted Glass

If you haven’t noticed the 70’s are starting to groove back into our lives, especially when it comes to interior design. Tinted glass was a 70’s design staple and that’s why we’re putting tinted glass vases straight on the list! Ambers, dusty pinks and olive greens are popular colours for these vases but you can easily find any colour that goes with the existing vibe of your home.


Ceramic is a cheaper material compared to most, which means if you’re looking in the right places you can find a ceramic vase at a bargain price. Ceramic vases are often natural in their tone and texture which fits in perfectly with the earthy décor trends we’ll be seeing this year. If you’re feeling ambitious, why not take a pottery class and decorate your home with your own ceramic vase creation.


We love patterns! A pattern isn’t only for pillows or upholstery, patterns are perfect for vases too. Whether the patterns are small and intricate, large and geometric or bright and bold – one thing’s for sure. A patterned vase is guaranteed to add visual interest and depth to your spaces.

Statement Vases

What is a statement vase? It’s any vase that gives a room that WOW factor! This can be done in many ways, perhaps by finding a vase that incorporates many of the above design elements. One sure way to make a statement is to invest in a vase that is very large. We’re talking taller than a side table and wider than your pet dog. With the right plants/flowers inside them, vases of this size demand attention and act as focal points in a room.

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