You don’t always need a reason to picnic! Any occasion is worth celebrating. Whether it’s a weekend activity, a break from work, a birthday party or a romantic date – every moment is picnic worthy. You can choose to create the perfect picnic haven by styling it according to your needs. We share with you some of the things you can do to make picnics look like a dream.

Decorate As You Wish

The style of your picnic should be something that speaks to your personality. You do not have to make it look extremely fancy and spend a fortune. Colourful decorations or a simpler monochrome settings both work well. Bringing in some fresh blooms always brightens up the mood and provides some great fragrances. Fairy lights are a classic and will prove to be a showstopper for special night picnics. You can hang them around the table or just simply place them in mason jars to create some warmth. Making your cutlery and napkins match is also a special touch you could do to up the anti on style.

Comfort Goes A Long Way

When it comes to setting up your picnic, comfort is something that should be a priority. Your friends and family will require a set up that allows them to relax peacefully amongst nature. A few things that can be included are soft picnic mats that are machine washable. You can even choose to bring portable foldable chairs for those who prefer a seat. Cushions are a good option to add extra comfort while soaking up some sunshine on the picnic blanket. It also adds an element of design to the picnic space. Blankets are always a great idea for when it starts getting chilly during the day or for a night picnic.

Location Matters

Being in an area that offers great views is a delightful way to spend the day out. It could be a local park that brings back some memories and means something to you or a newly discovered nature filled sanctuary by the water. The classic choice would be in a lush green park under a tree allowing for some shade as well as scenic views. Even better if you manage to secure a spot close to a pond with some cute ducks passing by.

Food For Thought

Making your nibbles colour themed and visually appealing helps heighten the style aspect of picnics. A colourful cheeseboard with different layers of cheeses and cracker textures is always a crowd pleaser in terms of taste and looks. You can lay out your finger food on elegant gold trays or a colour of your choice to match all the cutlery. Elevating your food by putting them on platters with legs is a fun way to play with heights and create a lux feeling amongst your other food platters. To top it off, placing some snacks in a brown basket surely does scream picnic out loud.


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