Is the thought of putting up your tree this year filling you with overwhelm? Or perhaps you just want to level up your tree and take it to a new level? Decorating your tree is an art that can certainly be perfected. Our blog brings you our top tips for creating a stunning tree this year for a joyful and festive home.

1. Your Christmas tree theme

We believe a Christmas tree should be decorated to reflect your current décor – that way the tree will sit beautiful in its surroundings but also compliment and enhance your current interior. A Christmas tree has the opportunity to tell a story of the home and family and hold sentimental objects.

Whilst it might be opulent, most families can’t afford to invest in a new tree each year with a new set of decorations, so this is also the most cost-effective option with less impact on landfill and waste. If you get a little creative, you can tweak your tree a little each year to give a fresh look.

This could include introducing one new accent colour or perhaps deleting an existing colour and having a simple paired back scheme. If you start with mostly metallic ornaments (which most of us already own) then it’s very simple to add pops of blue, pink or white to create a new look each time.

2. Arranging ornaments – tips and tricks

Arranging ornaments can be tricky, we suggest starting with a base of metallic ornaments in various shades (such as rose gold, silver, gold and bronze), then you can add an accent colour. This year, we’ve enjoyed pairing metallics with soft pink and white ornaments. In previous years, we have done the same with red and green and blue and white. The scale and texture and mix of ornaments is what makes a beautiful tree.

We love ornaments with a bit of interest such as baubles with glitter inside or small figurines. We also love to mix in different shapes – like cones, round, and teardrop ornaments. A few over scaled baubles on a tree never go astray and break up the pattern for a stunning visual.

A full and heavy tree creates more visual interest, looks more impressive and makes the tree look fully dressed. In our view you can rarely have too many ornaments on a tree, it is more about the combination and variety than the amount or ornaments. We recommend ornaments pushed all the way in and on the outer branches as well as decorating towards the spine of the tree to catch the fairy lights and give the tree body and depth.

3 Tips to decorate your Christmas tree


3. The order of events

Always start with tinsel if you are using it, we recommend wrapping it towards the spine of the tree and from the top down making each circle of tinsel a little larger to reflect the width of the tree.

Following that, we layer on the fairy lights making sure they sit both near the spine of the tree and the outer branches – this gives the tree a full and 3D look. Finally, layer on the ornaments from the top down and put them the whole way around the tree. That way if someone gets a side view of the tree it looks as full and is as interesting as the front.

Christmas is the time to go all out and embrace all that is over that top and eye catching! So, it is a great excuse to use glitter, metallic and bling decor to signify the festive season and transform your interiors.


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