2022 has seen some gorgeous design trends hit the scene from Mediterranean feels to Very Peri, a pop of purple entering the design world as the latest Pantone colour. There are three trends that we are loving right now and here they are:

1. Indoor Plants

By adding a splash of green to a room you really cannot go wrong. Indoor plants are a fantastic way to do that and can either be with faux plants or real ones. The obvious downside of the real plants is the maintenance required to keep them looking beautiful, but on the upside, you will have fresh air and purification in your home. With so many stunning plant options available now, you really have your pick of the litter when it comes to selecting plants. Large fiddle leaf figs in a woven basket are very on trend and look amazing in a living room or smaller varieties such as succulents or Monstera can add big impact in a small plant.

2. Organic Shapes

Curves became a big trend earlier this year and the momentum hasn’t stopped. Furniture and décor in imperfect organic curves are now big on the scene and we’re seeing some beautiful pieces from coffee tables and side tables to accessories, which tie in nicely with the trend of handmade and artisan objects. One of the easiest ways to add this trend to your home is with accessories, lamps, or mirrors in the form of curved lines and round shapes which will add flow and movement to the room. If you want to really go all in, you can embrace larger scale furniture items such as sofas and armchairs which are now showing up in organic shapes too.

Image credit: Loom5

3. Decadent Table scapes


We’ve all missed out on hosting and celebrating throughout the pandemic so it’s not really a major surprise that people are going all out to show friends and family a wonderful time now. Creating a beautiful table scape can be simpler than you think, and it starts with having a theme or concept to work from. Maybe it’s a seasonal styling concept like Christmas, Easter, or Halloween or perhaps it’s a glam dinner party, grazing table, or picnic. Placemats and napkins are an easy addition to your repertoire for entertainment at home and can be washed or replaced to suit the theme. A lovely centre piece or a series of accessories in the middle of the table can be a great addition to capture the theme and again easily replaceable depending on your theme for the dinner.

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