At Vault Interiors we want you to be ahead of the curve when it comes to interior design. There’s nothing better than getting a head start on the 2021 trends so that you can strut into the new year with a home you’ll love to live in… or a property that a 2021 potential buyer might find appealing.

Rustic Vogue

What is rustic vogue? This trend is perfect for those who have modern or contemporary homes that they want to add some warmth to. Rustic vogue is all about creating that perfect balance between old and new pieces. It’s a fun trend to follow because it champions mixing and matching, one of the best design tools. In a way, rustic vogue is a reflection of what we all learnt last year… how to value things that are new and appreciate those that feel like home.


It’s time to go vintage shopping. Yay! The salvaging and repurposing element of vintage interior design is great for the environment, and this isn’t even the only good thing about it. It looks gorgeous too. When building up a vintage interior collection make sure to slowly build a scheme using pieces that truly mean something to you. Having a strong connection to the furniture and décor items you choose make the design all the more interesting.

Earthy Shades

Dulux has announced its 2021 colour of the year as ‘Brave Ground’. This colour is a warm, neutral shade of beige and is said to bring a boosting and balancing feel to any room. Us Vaultsters are all about good vibes so we say, let’s get some ‘Brave Ground’ up in here! Earthy shades are becoming more and more popular because of our inevitable need to feel connected to nature again. Don’t be surprised if the properties you step into in 2021 start to feel more like the outdoors.


Whether it’s a hanging creeper, a large potted bird of paradise or a collection of cacti… houseplants are without a doubt back on trend. The benefits of house plants are that they freshen the air, filter out pollutants and release plenty of oxygen. A house plant is what we like to call a finishing touch. It’s difficult to put together a stylish space these days without a house plant acting as the cherry on top of a delicious cake.

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